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At TravTool, we create and develop gaming tools for those that play games from the award winning publisher, Travian Games.

We have dozens of projects in the works right now.



06-05-2013 - Site features updated
It has been slow progress in regards to hiring coders so sadly very few things have been done.

  • We have updated the attack planner, so please give it a try. The new updated version gives a live countdown timer for when attacks (or defenses) need to be sent.
  • The crop tool was also updated, it now allows for sending messages to alliance members.
  • NPC tool was also updated, so be sure to check out


28-02-2013- Another travian movie :)

This is a project that our new artist worked really hard on.
If you have the time, please check it out, and if you like it, then please share it with others. This movie is meant to illustrate that Travian is a war game, where players need to be able to defend themselves, otherwise everything they build can be destroyed.


3-02-2013 - Travian mini movie!

Here is our artists impression of what happens when you raid players that have traps as well as nature troops. I hope that you enjoy it.
Be sure to press the LIKE button on youtube if you want to see more movies.



We have created 12 new Travian wallpapers, at
More will be created soon, and you are welcome to upload your own.



The cultural point calculator was updated to improve accuracy for handling artworks.



New update for the Troop builders NPC was released. This lets you add in extra crop so that if your running at negatives, you can add in a buffer of say 5000 crop, this way you get maximum troop building without potientially starving your troops.



If would like this project to remain online then all we ask is that you press the like button.



Rally point and market place resource parser and NPC tool is now open for public testing!